FATZ Pet Hair Removal
  • Car $25.00
  • Standard Pickup, Small-Medium SUV $35.00
  • Large SUV, Extended Pickup, Vans & H2 $45.00

FATZ Motorcycle Detailing

Closed Engine $150.00
Cruiser $200.00

FATZ Boat Detailing

We use only marine grade products for all of our boat details. Prices listed are for standard open bow runabout boats. Call or stop by for a quote. Most details are done on site but we are able to come and detail large boats in the water if they are in a boat house with power and water.

  • Interior Detail $10.00 per foot
  • Exterior Detail $10.00 per foot
  • Full In & Out Detail $18.00 per foot
FATZ RV Detailing
  • Interior Detail $15.00 per foot
  • Exterior Detail $15.00 per foot
  • Full In & Out Detail $28 per foot
FATZ Show Car Detailing

Let us get your “baby” ready! Please contact us for a quote!